Junior Grading is now complete

Junior Grading Update

5/1/20231 min read

Well done to our 700 junior players over the last 2 weeks of grading and more importantly thankyou to all the volunteers coaches and managers who have offered their time for the kids. Teams will be fixed from this weekend as will training times. Age Coordinators will advise accordingly. If you have not heard any further information by mid week contact your age coordinator.

There is a BBI Junior Grading Committee meeting on Tuesday night to finalise the divisions for the season. Coaches and Age coordinators have provided feedback on all Lang Park and many opposition teams based on the grading rounds. It looks like we got most teams in the correct division, but there are a couple that need to be corrected along with some player movements.

We do have a few teams that still need coaches. Please reach out to Age Coordinators if you are able to assit. In the event that we do not find a suitable coach, unfortunately these teams may be removed from the competition. Now teams are fixed we will also be reaching out for team managers to organise teams and look after the jerseys.

With the 'go live' of our new website we have loaded the proposed training schedule for Winter Season for your reference. There are also useful links to the competition draws.