There are three parts to registration.

  1. Basketball Queensland (BQ) Annual 365 Registration

  2. Brisbane Basketball (BBI) Annual 365 Registration

  3. Lang Park Basketball Club Seasonal Registration

Each fee is set by the governing body and has specific inclusions. Lang Park has zero influence over the BQ and BBI fees.

Basketball Queensland (BQ)
Annual 365 Registration
Lang Park Basketball Club
Seasonal Registration

Contributes to the Governance, Development and Promotion of Basketball in Queensland and your insurance.

It is transferrable to any Association within Queensland.

Brisbane Basketball (BBI)
Annual 365 Registration

Contributes to the Administration, Development, Competition Management of basketball in the BBI Association.

It is transferrable to any BBI Affiliated Club.

Lang Park charges a seasonal fee which covers various costs associated with administration and participating in Senior and Junior Competitions.

Fee makeup detailed below.


Depending on season and whether junior or senior club, will depend on how these components are applied.

Club Registration Fee

Covers the administration, loan of playing jersey, team nomination, presentation of trophies, coach development and coaching aides associated with the season. It varies from season to season. For seniors it only covers administration, team nomination and loan of playing jersey in select circumstances.

Training Fees

Covers contribution to court hire for training, provision of training aides and any pro coaching levy. Lang Park generally runs a supervising professional coach over most junior training sessions in order to ensure that all players receive a standard of coaching and fundamental skills development. The Pro coach also backfills the volunteer coaches that may not be able to attend all training sessions. Seniors pay their own training fees if required.

Match Fees

BBI charges a match fee for every game. These are a fixed charge for the match regardless of number of players and are collected up front. This reduces pressure on team managers to chase down families during the season and avoids awkward moments. This component makes up almost 50% of all Junior fees and are a direct pass through to BBI. Seniors manage their own match fees.

FEES (AS AT 3 March 2024)

The quoted BQ/BBI Annual fee has been provided in the below tables for indicative purposes as it is subject to change at the discretion of BBI/BQ.

Seniors (Winter 2024)

Senior club fee covers seasonal team nomination, loan of uniform where applicable and club administration. There are no match or training fees included. These are payable separately.

Juniors (Winter 2024)

Players who turn 9 are charged a hybrid fee as they fall into a gap in the fee structure where they are charged the cheaper U10 BQ Rego, but the club fee for playing in the U11 BBI competition.

All fees include GST and the Basketball Australia Game Development Levy, but exclude Basketball Connect merchant fees.

The lowest 365 BBI/BQ registration level applies e.g. an U19 player playing in Seniors will pay the BBI/BQ 365 Junior Fee, not the Senior Fee.

Lang Park Basketball accepts Qld Government Fairplay vouchers. These are claimed through Basketball Connect at time of Registration.

The Club does not offer a formal payment plan option however will confidentially discuss payment options as necessary. Please contact

BBI/BQ Annual (365) renewal (If required)

$147.65 Juniors or $206.14 Seniors

Lang Park Season Senior Club Fee $22

BBI/BQ Annual (365) renewal (If required)

U10 Players $80.01

U11-19 Players $147.65

Lang Park Season Junior Club Fee

U9 Players $300

U11-U19 Players $415


Merchant fees will be levied to the Participant at the time of Registration. This is additional to any Club fees or products purchased.

Second team fees are defined by the Club. Selected players will be advised of this fee and the payment method.

Other competitions, tournaments, events, coaching clinics, pre-grading sessions or any other activity not specifically included in the Registration product may be offered separately by the Club.

Playing jerseys are provided (on loan) from the club, included within the Club Fee.

Official Club playing shorts are available for purchase and are compulsory for all competition games.

Reversible training singlet (obvious dark and light sides) must be worn to all training sessions. Club training singlets are available for purchase however the Club accepts any reversible singlet.

Optional branded merchandise is also offered for purchase for players and supporters from time to time.

In the event that an order fails to be collected for more than 1 month from date of availability, the Club shall (at their discretion) be entitled to cancel the order and refund the purchase price less a handling fee of $5 (inc GST) per item.