BBJBC Summer Season Sign On

General Information and Key Dates


Age Groups

Summer will be played in historic BBJBC Age Groups of U9/U11/U13/U15/U17/U19 and GYL. The age qualifying year will be based on 2024 birthdays eg an U13 player turns 11 or 12 in 2024, and can not turn 13.

BBI Will be reintroducing the U15 Girls age group for summer. With GYL being retained for the older age groups. Players are eligible for both U15 and GYL (U19 Girls) competitions.

We have asked BBI to consider aligning to Basketball Australia/Basketball Queensland even age groups from Winter 2024 to align to representative age groups and rules. We will keep you posted.

Playing and Training Days

U9/U11 and U13 will all play Saturday as will the new U15 Girls competition. U15, U17, U19 Boys and GYL will play Friday nights. We have no control over your game times as these are set by BBI depending upon number of teams and available venues.

Training days will be posted nearer to season commencement. We will try to retain similar training times to Winter season but this will be subject to availability of Venues, Coaches and which team you are selected into.

Key Dates and Comp Format

Summer registrations will open week of 14th August and will remain open until full. Watch our Facebook feed for updates. Note this may only take hours for some age groups.

Grading sessions will be held in the last week of Term 3 (week of 11-15th September) after finals and continue week 1 of Term 4 (Monday 2nd October)

The season will run similarly to winter season with grading rounds, competition rounds and finals for the top 4 teams in each division.

  • Grading Rounds - Week of 13th and 20th October

  • Competition Rounds (Term 4) - 27th October through 1st December

  • Competition Rounds (Term 1) - 2nd February through 8th March

  • Finals - 15th and 22nd March

Sign on Process and Grading

All sign on will be through Basketball Connect. Only log in once you have been advised that your age group is open, otherwise you will not be able to see your age group in the system. For those returning from Winter Season this should be a very simple process as you will already be in Basketball Connect.

For new Basketball Connect users you will need to create a new account. If you have an old Gameday account, during the new account creation process it will ask you to claim your old profile when adequate information is entered.

All players will be regraded for Summer. This doesn’t necessarily mean all teams will be broken up, but players will be reassessed for Summer season. Note that half of our players change age groups in Summer so this is not a simple task.


We are in need of coaching volunteers for the Summer season. If we do not have coaches, your nominations may not be accepted as we will not enter teams without a coach. Please reach out to the club during the sign on process by emailing with your interest and we will put you in touch with our coaching directors and age coordinators to get you on board.